What is the Green New Deal?

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We need a Green New Deal because political leaders have not delivered on the promises made to citizens to resolve the current crisis. This Green New Deal is a comprehensive strategy for ending the crises affecting our economy, climate, environment and social justice. The Green New Deal marks a watershed, dispensing with a broken development model based on ecologically and socially destructive short-termism. It has been designed to build economies and societies that will work for all people and the planet we share, now and in the future.


Instead of imposing socially and environmentally damaging austerity, the Green New Deal proposes re-regulating the financial industry and channelling huge amounts of money into green investment to fund renewable energies, energy efficiency, sustainable industries and infrastructure, sustainable mobility, resource efficiency, protect natural resources and related research, innovation, education and training. This will stimulate entrepreneurship and create jobs. Moreover, the Green New Deal actively seeks to combat unemployment and poverty and rebuild social justice.


The Green New Deal's guiding principles are respect for the ecological limits of our planet and a determination to enable all human beings, everywhere, to prosper. This approach requires us to redefine our lifestyles and the kinds of prosperity we want.


To succeed, the Green New Deal needs bold action by policymakers and strong citizen involvement. A broad alliance between societal actors such as citizens, civil society organisations, trade unions, entrepreneurs, educational establishments, industry and policymakers can attain the critical mass required to make the Green New Deal a reality. We know this because initial successes have already been achieved in many places throughout Europe.


Brochure „The Green New Deal in the European Parliament”

This brochure describes the efforts of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament to make the Green New Deal a reality in different policy fields such as employment and economic policies, mobility and energy. 

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