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Vienna - The "Day of the Unemployed"

On 30th April, the day before international Labour Day, the Viennese Greens host an alternative event called the "Day of the Unemployed". Together with alternative, green and independent trade union groups, the aim of the day is to stimulate the public debate on the issue of unemployment and highlight the situation faced by unemployed people, a group in any case which is excluded from the public holiday.

The activities on the "Day of the Unemployed" focuses debate on unemployment rates, labour market policies and gaps in the social security systems. The event provides a counterpoint to the large Labour Day event organised by the Social Democratic Party and by their fractions in the trade unions.In "celebrating" this day, the Viennese Greens emphasise the development under neo-liberalism of the individualisation of people and the privatisation of social risk, issues which are more relevant in Austria than in many other EU countries.

The Greens have been organising a street-events in Vienna every year since 1997. NGO’s and unemployment charities are able to give presentations and make face-to-face contact with people on the street. In 2007, for the first time, the greens organised press events in front of the Ministry for Social Affairs and the Ministry for Economy and Labour. In the afternoon meetings took place between the Green party and NGOs active in unemployment issues and initiatives, in order to work out some areas for co-operation and mutual support.

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