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Vienna's first “participative television project” OKTO TV was initiated by the Greens. OKTO is a TV station not only for professionals but also other dedicated people who want to communicate their concerns on the media. At OKTO TV the opportunity is given to do that.

Therefore, OKTO TV can be considered as a community broadcasting station allowing dedicated people and communities to communicate issues and concerns on television. The producers make their programs available free of charge. OKTO TV provides the know-how and the technical infrastructure (cameras, editing workstations and a TV studio) for free. We develop our programming to complement the public and private commercial television.

More than one million Viennese can receive the TV program. The technical coverage in remaining provinces has increased on 130,000 people. The group of OKTO TV viewers is increasing as the number of viewers recently stood at 241,000. This ratio is comparable to unique clients of an online medium, and indicates how many people one or more times a month use the program. 52% of OKTO viewers have a school leaving examination or a university degree. Therefore, OKTO TV is far above the population of all cable households (38%), which confirms that sophisticated television is still demanded.

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