Immigrants work at the Police of Vienna

Rebuilding social justice  |  Successes  |  29.06.2011

Immigrants at the Police of Vienna

On the initiative of the Greens together with the Social Democrats, the City of Vienna launched a project within the Police in order to attract immigrants to participate and start a career at the Police in Vienna. The project was launched in 2008, the first immigrants are already in training at the Viennese police.

The idea is that intercultural competence and multilingualism are part of the police. The goal is to have at least one immigrant at any police station. The Viennese Greens still see more potential for an increase in immigrants within the police. For a modern police force migrants are indispensable as civil servants. A multilingual city like Vienna needs a multilingual police. Furthermore, immigrants as police officers would allow the police to respond effectively on the challenges of organized international crime. The other benefits of this so called diversity management in the police are clear: Thus, for example the threshold for immigrants to apply for the police was decreased. The relationship between immigrants and police officers are often very difficult and troubled due to experiences in their home countries. The implementation of diversity management within the police may therefore also contribute immensely to a common understanding that the immigrants see the Viennese police as "their" police.

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