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Generationen Wohnen - intergenerational facilities

Between 2007 and 2011 three, senior-friendly housing developments with 149 apartments, a senior living community and intergenerational facilities were in constructed in the 22nd Vienna District. This was the result of a competition between property developers - a project of the Green Party and the Social Democrats – to develop age friendly living accommodation.

The project "Generations: Living on Mühlgrund" considers housing needs of elderly people and strengthens the social cohesion between the generations. The residential projects offered at Mühlgrund are fully accessible, handicapped adaptable and flexible as well as customizable and provide also a variety of community and communications facilities.

In addition to a winter garden and a landscaped roof terrace with rentable vegetable and flower beds, a multifunctional living room with kitchen invites for joint activities of the housing community. The residents have an excellent access to public transport and also a very good infrastructure with a range of local shopping facilities, kindergartens, day care centers, elementary schools, one secondary school, a Social Medical Center. Besides large-scale sports and green areas, the recreation area “Unteres Mühlwasser” ensures an adequate leisure facility nearby.

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