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Coupling of contracts to promote women in business

An innovative milestone towards gender equality and especially the closure of the income gap was the so called “Coupling of contracts to promote women in business”. It was implemented by the city of Vienna in late 2010 after approximately two years of preparatory work of the Social Democrats and the Greens.

Public procurement is therefore coupled to promoting women in business. The procurement of public contracts is an important tool to initiate within companies measures to support women. Affected by this law are service contracts starting a sum of 40,000 €. This means in practice that a company which receives an order from the city of Vienna is obliged to implement measures to promote women within their premises.

In addition, the city will apply two more tools to pursue their gender objectives. First, so called "gender-sensitive tender criteria" will be implemented. For example: half of the parking spaces of a newly built public garage must be especially well lit. Secondly, in the tender process, extra weight will be given to companies that have adopted gender-positive policies. The coupling of contracts to gender-equality measures is an innovative tool to combat the wage gap between women and men as well as to increase the awareness of the benefits and advantages of an active promotion of women in companies.

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