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Youth in Crisis- Let's change Europe!!

Some members of the Federation of Young European Greens and Green MEP Ska Keller have launched a petition meant to reclaim the future of European youth.

Delfina Rossi, Maria Peteinaki, Markus Drake, Ska Keller, Terry Reintke and Vesna Jusup have initiated a petition to reclaim Europe: a Europe for the people rather than for the banks, an Europe that cares for social rights and needs rather than following an ideology of market liberalisation.

These young Europeans feel that for too long time, older people have been deciding on their future and they have been making  wrong decisions. They are claiming that now is the time for this to change and they are claiming "LET’s CHANGE EUROPE". 

In their petition text they analyse the main current problems with the European project and they stress the urgent need to create a new vision for Europe as a place for all and not just for a few. 

 "As people who care about Europe, who care about our own and future generations, who believe in justice that not only protects rich and poor, but also young and old, women and men, here and there as well as in social and environmental justice, who believe in more democracy and that another Europe is possible; young people from green and left progressive movements, we need to offer something to ourselves and to young people in Europe: a new vision, a new story of how Europe can look like if we all try. Not just a new project, but a new idea. Not just a piece of the cake, but the whole bakery.

We want to once live in a Europe where people are no longer donating millions of Euro to charity, because it is not necessary, where Ahmed and Klaas-Peter, Dušan and Inés are going to the same school, where my boss has to be kind and pay me to make me do over-time, where two women can kiss each other no matter where they are, where the right to vote is not tied to age or place of birth, where we all can move where ever we want, where going to university or take courses is not a privilege but a right, where nobody fears others because they look different, where your bank makes social and environmental investments and does not speculate, where you can take the public transport to go everywhere and where hospitals and medicines are available for everybody"

These young greens present 4 ambitious but needed steps that Europe should take in other to fulfill this vision:

  • A European and global education 
  • A social and economic EU that works 
  • Real democracy now 
  • Freedom of movement. 

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