Rebuilding social justice  |  Publications  |  18.11.2011
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The Gender Dimensions of the Green New Deal

This study commissioned by the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament discusses the Green New Deal from a gender perspective. The study contains recommendations  for a more gender equal Green New Deal, especially in the areas of employment, mobility and green economy. 

The study argues that it is of foremost importance to mainstream the core Green value of gender equality in all policy areas, with the Green New Deal being no exception. Gender equality as a fundamental value and goal is benefitting women and men in all positions within social and economic structures and touches upon all areas of policy making, from North-South equity to a social market economy. 

Gender equality strategies and instruments such as equal opportunity policies, gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting have always tackled the dimensions of the Green New Deal congruent with the agenda of the Green movement: inequality, discrimination, social justice, distribution of power and wealth and sustainability. Gender equality is a goal and a road towards this agenda. Only if gender equality is systematically incorporated in the political discourse and in normative and analytical frameworks, will the Green New Deal be able deploy its full potential of a veritable paradigm shift.


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