Rebuilding social justice  |  Events  |  22.10.2011

Looking for an answer to environmental aspects of poverty

The Belgian French speaking Green foundation Etopia is organizing a training focusing on the issues such as insecurity, poverty, misery. These words, like many others related to them, do not leave the columns of the news. It seems that the means to fight against poverty implemented so far have clear limitations. They allow mitigating some effects, but not really solving the problem at its root.

EVENT: Training

DATE: 22 October, 09:00 to 17:00 

PLACE: Espace Kegeljan, Namur 

At the training the participants will attempt to define what answer civil society organizations can give to this problem, discuss possibilities and limitations of public action and examine the issue through the prism of some sectoral approaches: housing, health, education. 

Participation fee: € 20.

Maximum number of participants: 18.


creative commons Carmen Kong