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Human rights and the EU-India Free Trade agreement

Hosted by MEP Ska Keller and MEP Paul Murphy in cooperation with the Heinrich-Böll Foundation and Misereor agency, this public conference will discuss the different sides of the EU-India Free Trade Agreement and its effects on the life of people in India.

EVENT: A Public Conference

DATE: 8 December 2011, 15:00 - 18:30

PLACE: European Parliament, Room PHS 7C50, 60 rue Wiertz, 1047 Brussels

15:00 Welcome by Ska Keller

15.15-16.45 I. Threats to the Right to Food arising from the EU India FTA, Chair: Ska Keller

  • Trade in Goods: Threats to dairy and poultry farmers: Christine Chemnitz (HBF)
  • Services and retailing: Threats to small retailers and small scale farmers, Armin Paasch (Misereor)
  • Investment: Threats to rural communities’ access to land, Sagari Ramdas (Anthra, women organization in India)
  • Perspective of the Commission: Annette Grünberg (DG Trade)

Coffee Break

17.00-18.30 II. The way forward: How to avoid human rights violations through an FTA, Chair: Paul Murphy

  • Process in India and the role civil society: Ranja Sengupta (Third World Network)
  • Role of the EP: Which options remain to influence the process? Ska Keller

Conclusions by Paul Murphy

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