Rebuilding social justice  |  Events  |  07.03.2013

Get Women on Board

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament organises an event discussing the need for binding EU action to increase the presence of women on the boards of large European companies.

Date: 7 March 2013, 15.00 to 18.30
Venue: European Parliament, Room A1G3 - 60 rue Wiertz, 1047 Brussels
Language: English

The voluntary approach has unfortunately failed. In spite of all the lip service, women are still grossly under-represented on the boards of large European companies. Despite 60% of university graduates in the EU being women, their presence in the highest decision-making bodies of the largest publically-listed companies is at a mere 14%. Binding targets, with sanctions for non-compliance, have however already proven successful in addressing this equality gap in European countries. It is therfore time we built on this success by introducing such targets at EU-level.

The Commission's proposal on improving the gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges is an important step for redressing one of the major outstanding barriers to gender equality in Europe. The Greens welcome that the legislative process has finally been launched and now know that it is up to the European Parliament to start improving the proposal.

The conference will discuss what are elements needed to make legislation work in practice? And what is needed to overcome the resistance and ensure an effective proposal is fully adopted?

Speakers in the conference include:

  • Marije Cornelissen, MEP
  • Prof. Dr. Linda Senden, Utrecht University
  • Carola Eck-Philipp, consultant and project manager European Foundation for Management  Development  EFWD
  • Claudia Menne, Confederal Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation
  • Petter Sorlien, Norwegian government
  • Ulrike Lunacek, MEP
  • Franziska Brantner, MEP

Word of welcome will be given by Rebecca Harms, co-president of the Green Group, while the conference will be chaired by Raul Romeva i Rueda, MEP.