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Video: Transition

Transition is a holistic approach in the design of a habitat with optimal and sustainable integration of all local conditions. The idea of “Transition Town” is basically a development of the permaculture concept.

It is a holistic approach that incorporates the optimal design of the living space, local conditions and sustainable use. The self-sufficiency food production is a key role. It can be considered as the absolute opposite of the current industrial agriculture, characterized by monoculture, chemical energy and a tremendous use of energy.

A Transition Initiative (which could be a town, village, university or island etc) is a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction. There are thousands of initiatives around the world to give answer to the crucial question: "how can we make our community stronger and happier as we deal with the impacts of peak oil and economic contraction while at the same time urgently reducing CO2 emissions?"

It begins when a small group comes together with a shared concern. The community wants to respond to the challenges and opportunities of peak oil, climate change and economic stagnation? It begins by forming an initiating group and then adopts the Transition Model in order to engage a significant proportion of the people in their community. If a group is founded once, it can start to create initiatives.

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