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Unpackaged was founded in 2006 by Catherine Conway in the belief that there is a better way to sell products, so that customers can do the right thing for themselves and for the environment.

Catherine Conway set up Unpackaged because she wanted to refill her groceries using her own containers. The dream was to set up a shop that makes it really easy for customers to come and refill all their daily essentials. She started in November 2006 on a market stall and the shop opened a year later in November 2007.

The concept is quite easy. Customers have to bring their containers from home but can buy reusable containers at the shop as well. The containers are weighed at the counter. Then the customers choose the product amount he or she wants. The effects are C0² reduction from less packaging and transportation, the reduction of material waste from landfill & incineration, positive behavior change as well as less food waste because customers only buy what they need.

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