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The LIFE Programme best practice examples

The LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environmental and nature conservation projects. The main objective of LIFE is to help achieve the aims of EU environmental policy and legislation by co-financing pilot or demonstration projects.

LIFE began in 1992, and has provided finance to some 3,104 projects across the EU, contributing approximately €2.2 billion to the protection of the environment. Since 2005, in conjunction with national authorities, the Commission has been selecting best practice projects, in order to help disseminate LIFE project results by clearly identifying those projects whose results, if widely applied, could have the most positive impact on the environment. The criteria used included the projects’ contribution to immediate and long-term environmental, economic and social improvements, their degree of innovation and transferability, their relevance to policy and their cost-effectiveness. The number of best practices chosen for any year typically ranges in the 20s, and from these, five projects are selected as “best of the best”. 

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