Natural environment  |  Successes  |  14.07.2011


The mission of GrünAnTeil is to beautify urban living with consideration of sustainable criteria. The passionate gardeners want to demonstrate that every citizen has the right to a green city and has the possibility to participate.

Fallow land, green strips and parks are transformed into blooming fields of flowers. Other areas are used to grow tomatoes and potatoes in the middle of the city. Until now, many gardeners from the hanseatic city were active by themselves or in small initiatives. GrünAnTeil wants to change this situation. The members want to ensure by legal methods in community actions a greener Hamburg.

The journey from design concept to implementation, however, is slow and faces several hurdles: the negotiations with the relevant district offices are often tough. Before a project can be put into action, a debate about the feasibility and capabilities take place. In most cases, the gardeners and environmental offices of the districts come to an agreement.

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