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The KLIP7 award for a green neighborhood

Creativity and green actions get rewarded in Vienna’s 7th district! Since 2008, the KLIP7 prize for local climate saving projects is awarded once every two years.

Everyone who is registered in the district, be it companies, pupils, tenants or house owners can submit their contribution to the competition. No matter how big or small the project is, as long as it is creative and brings new green spaces into the district, it can take part in the competition. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the people in the 7th district and to fight climate change – because every such contribution matters.

The motto in 2012 is ‘microclimate’. A microclimate is a small area that differs in its climatic characteristics from the surrounding conditions by being cooler or hotter, more or less humid etc. An example for a micro climate would be the wind protected courtyard in which plants grow, that wouldn’t survive in other places of the city. Those microclimates can be very important for life in the city, since cities are usually hotter than the surrounding country-side and have less air circulation. This impacts on human health and can cause sleeping disorders or cardiovascular problems. In this context, even small green spaces can have a comforting effect for the city life. 

The range of projects that can be submitted is as diverse as the city life itself: from a planted window board to a herb garden in the inner courtyard, a vegetated wall or rooftop and as many other projects as you can imagine. 

The KLIP7 award is a cooperation of all political fractions in the district agency and the Klimabündnis Österreich (climate alliance Austria) as well as the Vienna administration. In sum the award gives out a prize amounting to 7000€.

The deadline for registering for this year’s competition is the 23th May; the award ceremony will take place on 19th June 2012. Application forms are available online here

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