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We Need to Change - Mapping Croatia's potential for sustainable development

This report by Mladen Domazet, Danijela Dolenec, Branko Ančić for the Heinrich Boell Foundation office in Zagreb suggests that Croatia is currently in a good position to change from the development path that puts excessive pressure on the environment whilst deepening social inequalities to a sustainable development model that respects citizens’ aspirations, ecosystems’ limits, common resources and future generations on a shared planet.

Twenty years after the first Earth Summit in Rio, many of the agreements and declarations made in 1992 have not been realised regarding such fundamental issues as combating poverty and protecting the overall global environmental stability (including some poignant local failures). Since Croatia will be taking part in the conference, the authors and the Heinrich Boell foundation believed this to be a good moment to ask questions pertaining both to Croatia’s past performance with respect to sustainable development, as well as its population’s current attitudes and policies aimed at furthering this goal.

In the first part, this report presents a comparative overview of Croatia’s position in key international indicators relevant for sustainable development (Human Development Index — hdi, Ecological Footprint — ef and Happy Planet Index — hpi) in the last decade. The second part of the report analyses attitudes of Croatia’s citizens to various topics relevant for making the switch to sustainable development.

The text has been adapted from the introduction of the publication.

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