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EU 2012 Priorities: Climate Change

This report by the Green European Foundation gives an overview of the main EU priorities with regards climate change in the months ahead. It is a guide to the work and agenda of the Union for the current year, as well as a summary of Green responses and proposals in this area.

Although the issue of climate change has moved off the public agenda to a large extent since its peak in 2007-8, the plans formulated then and since are still the policy of the EU, and lowering emissions is still the target across all areas of EU action.

Last year the European Commission has published its Low Carbon Roadmap for 2050, which aims to decarbonise the economy of the EU over the next four decades and make real the emission reduction targets. Nonetheless Member States still have far to go if they are to meet their international and internal targets.

Therefore this report presents the main policy proposals on the European agenda with regards climate change, in fields like transport, energy, agriculture and international negotiation. It also gives an evaluation of these policy programs from a Green perspective, and highlights specific concerns for some Member States.

GEF will publish in the upcoming weeks similar reports on transport, as well as one on the structural reforms of the Union.

Papers on Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Energy, and Fisheries Policy have already been published. 

This series of reports is researched and drafted by Ed Davitt and Alexander Tietz for the Green European Foundation.

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