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Rio+20: the future we REALLY want

What should be the message the EU should send at the Rio+20 Summit next June? Greens/EFA MEPs are organising a conference to voice their views on the challenges ahead of the Rio+20 Summit.

Date: 6th June 2012, 15:00 - 18:30
Venue: European Parliament, Room ASP1G3
Language: English

20 years ago, the Rio Summit met to define ways to foster sustainable development and raised lots of hopes all over the world. 20 years on, the strong historical message delivered by the young Severn Suzuki has not been fully heard and much remains to be done to preserve our natural capital.

In June this year, the Rio+20 Summit will be the opportunity to set the sustainable development agenda for the next 20 years. One of the key themes of the summit will be how to define the 'green economy'. Will land protection be duly taken into consideration? Will the need for ocean governance be finally addressed? Will concrete measures and targets be adopted? How will environmental governance be framed? Will the EU play a key role in achieving a successful outcome? The questions are numerous and civil society is pushing for strong commitments.

Expectations are high because this Rio Summit has the potential to be the long-awaited shift towards a more sustainable and fair future. This conference will aim to reflect and propose conclusions on the future we really want.

A draft programme can be found here.

Meanwhile, watch this short video by the UK "Stop Climate Change Chaos" Coalition, which reviews the progresses made in the UK since the 1992 Earth Summit. This campaign aims at organising a network of local groups around the UK to lobby and ask politicians to show their support for action on climate change at the occasion of the Rio+20 Summit.