Natural environment  |  Events  |  22.11.2011

Dennis Meadows in Brussels and Gent

In collaboration with the Club of Rome, the Flemish Green foundation Oikos organizes two lectures of Dennis Meadows in Brussels and Gent. Dennis Meadows is a co-author of the famous report "Limits to Growth”. Forty years later, this report is still one of the authoritative publications in the field of environmental issues. 

EVENT: Lecture 

DATE: 22 November 2011, 20.00 – 22.00 (Brussels),  23 November 2011, 20.00 – 22.00 (Gent) 


  • Palace of Fine Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, Brussels
  • UFO auditorium, St. Pietersnieuwstraat 33-35, Gent

In 1972, three scientists from MIT created a computer model that analyzed global resource consumption and production. Their results shocked the world and created stirring conversation about global 'overshoot' or resource use beyond the carrying capacity of the planet. It pointed out that an unlimited population growth, resource consumption, food production, industrialization and pollution on a finite planet is impossible. Forty years later, these observations are perhaps more relevant than ever.

At the lecture Dennis Meadows will discuss how far the planet’s limits have been exceeded by now.