Mobility  |  Successes  |  11.07.2011

Vienna - “Bike-City”

“Bike-City” is a housing project with 99 flats designed around the needs of cyclists, initiated by green councillor Christoph Chorherr. All the flats are rented, and by the time of completion in 2008, nearly 5000 residency applications had been received.

The entire ground floor of the estate was built as a special “bike world”, and included bike rental and bike maintenance services, a water supply station and a compressed air station. The estate has 300 secure bicycle parking spaces available inside and outside of the building, close to the building entrances, and extra-large elevators so that bikes can be taken to the tenants’ personal flats. Car-owners are not discouraged from residency, but the estate is designed to make it as easy as possible to give up car ownership. Just over 50% of the typically required parking facilities were constructed. The estate is exempt from an Austrian legal requirement that requires a parking space to be provided for each new flat that is built. The money that was saved was invested in the aforementioned cheaper bike facilities, and the remainder was spent on amenities such as a sauna, a relaxation room, community gathering areas and green space.

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