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Soft mobility in tourism - Werfenweng/Austria

The municipality of Werfenweng in Austria has a special offer for those arriving by train or leaving the car while on holiday. The "SaMo - Advantage Pass” (SaMo stands for soft mobility) allows environmentally friendly mobility through shuttle services, e-vehicles, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, and many more.

The objectives before the project launch were a better environmental situation and quality of life for locals and visitors, to strengthen sustainable mobility and change of travel behavior of residents and visitors, promoting sustainable tourism, serve as a model at home and abroad and a broad application of environmentally healthy technologies.

The measurable success is about an annual saving of CO2 of more than 400 tons, 25% of guests arrive now by train - only 6% before the project, an increase of the overnight stays, offers such as the “Werfenweng shuttle” and “Werfenweng night mobile” are very useful for the Werfenwenger citizens. The winner of this project is definitely the environment, as demonstrated many car miles and thus impact on the environment could be saved.

But the tourism businesses in the community can also be considered as a winner. The municipality has achieved a significant image boost and is involved with this project in international initiatives.

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