Mobility  |  Successes  |  11.07.2011

Green Cities – Happy People: The example of Graz/Austria

The Greens in Graz put an emphasis in their politics on public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, pedestrian-privileged traffic lights were invented.

Incentives to calm the traffic in the city as well as encouraging cyclists were implemented. The biggest challenge was the acceleration and privileging of bus and tramway within the city. This was mainly implemented by privileged traffic lights. In order to promote soft mobility, 38 programs in 80 schools took place. This included bicycle repair trainings, walking groups as well as mobility games for children and teachers.

Furthermore, the adaption of 190 traffic lights to LED technology decreased the amount of CO2 emissions by 460 tons per year. Besides, the Greens campaigned for an extension of district heating as well as the development of a solar roof register. The title first FAIRTRADE City of Graz stems from an initiative of the Greens 2009. As a steering instrument to reduce the urban transport, the Greens use the tool of the so called parking space management. There is a subdivision into blue zones in the city area and green zones in the border area of the center.

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