Mobility  |  Successes  |  08.08.2011

Carfree city - Vienna

The Viennese Greens created in this project a car free urban quarter in Vienna. In the so called "car-free housing estate” in Vienna Floridsdorf the movement into an apartment implies the abandonment of a private car.

Usually there is an obligation to build a garage in new residential constructions for each apartment. Within this project sites must be constructed only by 1:10 (used as a car-sharing station).  The funds that would otherwise have been spent on garages (around 1.5 bn. Euros) were used for green space on the roof, children's spaces, sauna, volleyball court and much more.

A study published by the City of Vienna shows the success of this green project: about 56 percent of residents use the bike for daily travel, the housing satisfaction is exceptional as well as the participation of residents in managing and planning the new development is very high. The findings of the study support the expansion of this model across the city.

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