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An Analysis of the Obstacles to Inclusion of Road Transport Emissions in the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme

This report by the Institute for European Environmental Policy investigates the prospect of using emissions trading as a mechanism through which to achieve cost effective reductions of greenhouse gases from road transport.

This report looks at prospects for including road transport as part of an expanded EU-ETS (European Union – Emissions Trading Scheme), focussing on a number of the associated barriers in so doing. The barriers described relate primarily to: the legal dimensions of emissions ownership; the difficulties associated with reporting, monitoring and verifying mobile emissions sources; the dynamics amongst players involved in the production of “well to wheel” emissions; and the jurisdictional complexities of managing emissions trading for mobile sources.

This analysis was completed despite the fact that the idea of including road transport in the EU-ETS scheme was largely rejected by policy makers even in a post-2012 context. The recommendations presented as part of this report consider the possibility that emissions trading in the sector could become a reality only beyond 2020. In the concluding section, a brief analysis is provided on the prospects for including road transport as part of a closed system although the emphasis of the analysis completed focuses heavily on the prospects for integration in to the EU-ETS.

Edited extract from the introduction.

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