Mobility  |  Events  |  17.11.2011

"When is mobility cultivated?"

The Federal Foundation for Building Culture in Karlsruhe organises a public meeting to discuss the scope for more road building culture. The event will consist of a walk through the city, followed by a public panel debate. The meeting will address questions such as: What is our cultural understanding of mobility? How can we create a sustainable mobility culture? How can mobility and residence in urban areas coexist in harmony?

EVENT: Public meeting

DATE: 17 November 2011

PLACE: The ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology in the Lorenz Strasse 19, Karlsruhe 

When planning urban infrastructure, architecturally appropriate solutions should be designed to enable urban mobility in its complexity. This requires a fundamental rethinking that goes beyond traditional planning and building. It requires a new understanding of the mobility demands of our time. This public meeting aims to address this new paradigm of urban mobility. 


  • Michael Cramer, Member of the European Parliament
  • Wolfgang Kashuba, Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Wolfgang Rose, ACE Auto Club Europa 
  • Peter Haimerl, architector, Munich