Mobility is key to economic prosperity, access to jobs, social inclusion and well-being, but the transport sector accounts for about 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, as well as thousands of road deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries a year.  The "greening” of cars and planes is already underway, but it is happening too slowly and will in any case not be enough.

The car dependency culture can be changed by better urban planning, making cities more "walkable", with sustainable, affordable, accessible and vastly-expanded public transport networks.



The Green New Deal calls, amongst other things, for:

  • the inclusion of aviation in global CO2 emissions targets, phasing out aviation tax breaks, and investment in credible, green, alternatives to flying, such as high-speed rail and teleconferencing which can reduce business travel;
  • the promotion of electric vehicles, tougher CO2 emission limits for conventional cars, and support for the use of car clubs and car sharing;
  • affordable, intelligent and sustainable public transport, and better urban planning so that cities become truly “cyclable” and “walkable”.