Jobs and society  |  Successes  |  31.05.2012

What is a Green job?

A green job does not necessarily implies renewable energy sector, new technologies, etc. argues Green UK MEP Jean Lambert. It is about reduced impact on the environment, good working conditions and a decent income.

In this video, Green London MEP Jean Lambert interviews three managers about their different initiatives to create Green jobs in the area of London. In the second part of the video, German Green MEP Elisabeth Schroedter presents her report on developing the job potential of a new sustainable economy. Finally European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Laszlo Andor discusses how green jobs fit into the EU 2020 strategy.

  • Acorn House is a restaurant in King's Cross. As every restaurant it aims at serving the best food ever. But what makes it different is its environmental-, ethical-friendly management. Green laundry, training staff not only on cooking skills but also on sustainability and green issues, are part of their initiatives.
  • The Arcola Theatre does not just send a environmental-friendly message through cultural events, it also aims at being a completely carbon-neutral company. Thus it develops alternative ways of producing events, such as replacing heavily polluting generators with fuel cell generators.
  • Calverts Printers promotes good working conditions through its cooperative status, as well as uses eco-labelling to purchase its materials.



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