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Initiative for Social and fair procurement in Austria

The aim of the SO:FAIR initiative is to raise the attention of public purchasers and procurers for products from low-wage countries, which are produced under humane conditions (compliance with safety guidelines, proper pay and no child labor).

To achieve the socially fair procurement, the initiative SO:FAIR provides information and competition criteria to policy makers and procurers. SO: FAIR focuses on products which cannot be produced within the country such as cotton or coffee, or on products which are currently mainly imported although they could also be produced such as food, textiles and clothing, and stones.

The features of SO:FAIR are the provision of information on socially fair procurement, the preparation of lists of criteria for foodstuffs, textiles  and stones, training as well as the dissemination of good practice examples. SO: FAIR also supports the procurement of fairly produced products. There are different tools  available, depending on whether the assignment is directly or a tendering procedure. Under direct procurement a fair procurement is easy to implement. SO:FAIR presents seals of approval and assists to find fair trade products.

Under the tendering procedure SO:FAIR offers lists of criteria for foodstuffs (coffee, tea, tropical fruits, etc.), textiles and stones as well as for service jobs that can be integrated into the tender documents.

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