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Graz: first FAIRTRADE-capital in Austria

It began in April 2009 with a council request by Stefan Schneider (Green Party). As a result, the environmental department has been asked to implement the 5 goals to achieve the title "FAIR TRADE Town”. A FAIRTRADE working group from the Department for Environment, Südwind, Welthaus and Weltladen was founded. Since late 2010, Graz is first FAIRTRADE capital in Austria.

The project "FAIRTRADE-Towns/Municipalities" initiated by FAIRTRADE Austria aims to establish fair trade municipalities, cities, districts and regions. A FAIRTRADE-Town/Municipality commits not only to offer fair trade products in local shops and restaurants; it is responsible for an active public awareness as well. Through this commitment by the towns/municipalities they contribute to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

All 37 municipal departments of the city were advised about FAIRTRADE by the Working Group of the Environment Agency. 11 fully automatic coffee machines have already been converted to FAIRTRADE, others are in preparation. The central kitchen of the city, which provides meals for 49 municipal kindergartens, 28 schools and 12 departments of the city as well as day-care centers supplies FAIRTRADE bananas, orange juice and hot chocolate with the FAIRTRADE label. Many companies and institutions have opted for fair trade products.

In more than 140 shops and restaurants FAIRTRADE products can be purchased. Universities such as the KUG University of Music and Performing Arts, the Karl-Franzens University or the Technical University of Graz, schools and parishes actively support FAIRTRADE. Currently, the city is working on a shopping guide for the citizens of Graz.

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