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The Employment Dimension of the Green New Deal

This policy paper by the Greens/EFA Green Deal Deal working group details on Green policy solutions for creating green jobs and providing the adequate training for these, on facilitating a transition to a green inclusive society, as well as on the EU funding needed to support the GND.

The current economic crisis has lead to an aggravation of inequalities in society. Being close to 20% across the EU, the youth unemployment rate is twice as high as the overall unemployment rate. New challenges are emerging, such as a rise of unemployment, increasing job turnover, the growing number of precarious working conditions and a rise in the number of working poor in Europe.
More and more people are being forced to accept temporary work contracts without equal social protection. 8,1 % of men and 31,4 % of working women in the EU work part-time.  The answers often provided to all these problems seem to follow the belief of a 'back to 1920s', i.e. back to industrial development without any promotion of worker rights. This trend is not only threatening to destroy the achievement regarding workers' rights of the last century, but is also counterproductive.

A greener economy in most cases means a more labour intensive economy. Greening the economy is therefore the leading opportunity for stimulating job creation.

Text taken from the policy paper.

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