Jobs and society  |  Publications  |  11.07.2011

Low Carbon Jobs in an Interconnected World

This Institute for Public Policy Research publication highlights how a low-carbon technology revolution can help achieve climate change goals, whilst also creating new jobs, boosting economic growth and helping to improve the lives of those currently deprived of access to energy.

Government action on climate change promises economic opportunity. The language of climate change policy has hitherto been largely negative, with wide use of such words as ‘limitation’, ‘constraint’ and ‘reduction’. However, investing in new technology, stimulating new economic activity around a re-engineering of energy systems and growing new markets – all necessary to avoid climate catastrophe – will stimulate growth and offer new, skilled employment to workers.

This paper focuses on the emerging debate concerning the creation of ‘low-carbon’ jobs. What perhaps began as rhetoric generated for the purpose of counteracting climate negativity is now developing into an area of study that offers extraordinarily promising benefits. Not only can a low-carbon technology revolution help achieve climate change goals, it can also create new jobs, boost economic growth and help improve the lives of those currently deprived of access to energy.

This paper provides a major fillip for climate optimism and positivism.

Edited extract from the executive summary.

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