Jobs and society  |  Publications  |  07.03.2012

Green Jobs: The opportunity for the European labour market

The Greens in the European Parliament’s Employment Committee called for an initiative report to investigate the employment potential of an environmental transition. The main results of this report are collected in this publication by MEP Elisabeth Schroedter

The European Union needs to significantly step up its efforts in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency in order to curb climate change. In the recent economic crisis people are very concerned about their jobs and think less about the climate, but both issues can and should be linked together. Green jobs can be the answer to both problems. 

‘Green Jobs’ are all jobs which promote sustainable development; this is possible in nearly all industrial and service sectors, not only in the high-tech sectors, as a common preconception on the topic would suggest. 

But still the employment potential of environmental change can only be exploited if long term legal and financial frameworks guarantee investments and encourage technical innovations. Also socially just transformation is a basic component of sustainable development. This means that it is also important to fight discrimination and promote gender equality in a sustainable economy. 

Schroedter also calls for broad education and further training, not only for managers, but all the people employed in the working process in order to meet the requirements of the future.  

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