Jobs and society  |  Events  |  27.06.2012

Kickstart social Europe: alternatives to austerity

On the eve of the June European Summit, the Greens/EFA Group is organising a public conference where they will propose an alternative to austerity - a proposal on how to create prosperity and jobs without hitting on people most at risk.  This proposal will be discussed with European Commissioners Olli Rehn (Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro), László Andor (Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) and several other high-level speakers.

Date: 27th of June 2012, 09:30-18:30
Venue: Room A1G3, European Parliament
Language: Interpretation in English, French, German and Dutch

The EU is currently battling with the most severe crisis in its recent history. The social consequences for European citizens are dramatic. The European Union has put in place a series of initiatives to try to curb public deficits, commonly referred to as austerity measures. The solutions currently proposed - a policy mix of spending cuts, raising taxes and structural reforms - are exacerbating the crisis.

What will the social consequences be if Europe continues down this path? What can the Green New Deal bring as solutions to the current economic, environmental and social crisis? To what extent can Green jobs be an alternative to the social damages of the crisis? These are some of the questions that have been addressed during this public conference, and asked to the two Commissioners.

The detailed programme, some of the presentations and speeches, as well as a full video streaming of the conference are now made available by the Greens/EFA group.

Access here the conference documentation.