Jobs and society  |  Events  |  24.01.2012

What if we rethought working time? Let’s increase solidarity by sharing work, tasks and time!

This conference dealing with working time issues is organised by the French-speaking Belgian Green Party Ecolo and its foundation Etopia as a part of their cycle of meetings on political ecology. 

EVENT: Conference

TIME: January 24, 2012, 20:00

PLACE: Mundo-B, 26 Edinburgh St, 1050 Brussels 

The cross-cutting issue of time concerns not only our work, but also our time for leisure, cultural and family activities. At a time of overvaluation of time spent on production and consumption, this central question of how to reconcile working time with a fulfilling social and family life, for both genders equally, cannot be ignored. 


20:00 Welcoming remarks by Muriel Gerkens & Arnaud Pinxteren  

20:10 The French model of 35h: Assessment - Rachel Silvera, sociologist, working on gender issues and work time.

20:30 The  Dutch and Scandinavian models: a source of inspiration? -   Laurent Vogel (TBC)  

20:50 The individual reductions of working time in Belgium -  Jean-François Ramquet, Secretary General of the General Federation of Belgian Labour (Liège – Huy - Waremme)

21:10 Discussion and exchanges with the audience - moderated by Muriel Gerkens & Arnaud Pinxteren  

21: 50 Conclusions - Arianne Dierick