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Green jobs, fair jobs: Workers' rights in the wind and solar industry

On 26 and 27 of October, Heinrich Boell Foundation will organize a two-day conference about the workers’ rights in the wind and solar industry. The central issue of this conference will deal with green and fair jobs.

Date: Friday 26th & Saturday 27th October 2012
Venue: Heinrich Boell Foundation (Beletage space), Schumannstr 8, Berlin
Language: German

Almost 400,000 new jobs were created in Germany since 1990 at companies that produced solar thermal, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

But the working conditions in this young industry are problematic. Often the workers are poorly paid, the collective agreements are not applied, the labor intensity is high and many employees are hired as temporary or contract workers. Also many companies are not providing education and training and participation structures hardly exist.

Under these circumstances, Heinrich Boell Foundation is organizing this conference with experts from trade unions, business, politics and science to discuss what is necessary for Green Jobs to be Fair Jobs. 


  • Reinhard Bütikofer (MEP, Alliance '90 / The Greens);
  • Professor Sabine Gensior (TU Cottbus), Jürgen Kerner (executive director of the IG Metall);
  • Dr. Kai Lindemann (Editor in Chief of the DGB debate magazine counter aperture);
  • Milan Nitzschke (Group CEO of SolarWorld AG);
  • Jane Smith-Gemmeke (MP, Alliance '90 / The Greens / Green spokeswoman union);
  • Helga Schwitzer (executive director of the IG Metall), etc.
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