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Green European Summer University

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament and the European Green Party are organising the Green Summer University in Frankfurt/Oder. Europe's role in confronting key challenges such as sustainability and supporting democratic movements will be discussed at large.

EVENT: Public event

DATE: 8 September 2011 to 11 September 2011

PLACE:  Viadrina European Universty and Collegium Polonicum Frankfurt/Oder, Germany and Slubice, Poland


After the great success of 2008, the second Green European Summer University is taking place at the Viadrina European University and Collegium Polonicum, in Frankfurt/Oder and Slubice between 8 and 11 September 2011. Situated along the German/Polish border, this location is an example of learning to surmount borders in pursuit of a common European goal.

The theme of the University is 'Make it or break it'. This theme reflects the reality of the European project today - either we set aside selfish national interests and unite to combat shared challenges, or Europe risks being pushed towards a breaking point.

The University is more than just a conference. It aims to bring together a collection of interest parties, from academics to artists, from political to activists, and from businesspeople to NGOs. It will not just be an opportunity to discuss the future of Europe, but also to put together the practical experience of these participants in order to draft real solutions to common problems.