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Solidarity with green energy – wind towers in the Gdańsk Shipyard

The Gdańsk Shipyard, the cradle of Solidarity movement and heavy industry centre, is now undergoing green transformation. Since November 2010 it has been producing on and offshore constructions, foundation sections for wind towers, masts, towers and electric power stations. Currently, it is able to manufacture 100 units annually, but next years will see a substantial growth. The shipyard is continuously investing in greater capacity. Thanks to a new factory hall, it will boost production volume to 300 units per year.  

Since the Second World War, the shipyard has gained recognition and relevant experience in shipbuilding and steel constructions. It gave raise to “Solidarity” movement, the first non-communist trade union in the then Soviet Bloc. It performed a remarkable role in the history of Poland and it has been making a name for Poland as a key player on the wind energy market. It strives not only for increase the output, but also a diversification of production. In July 2011 it started with a new product - tubular tower sections. 

The Gdańsk Shipyard is accelerating green transition also in other aspects of activity. Special attention is devoted to the development and application of environmentally-friendly solutions. The facility is equipped with technologies that prevent chemical contamination of water and air. Another remarkable example of green awareness is a modern water treatment plant able to treat waters polluted within the whole production process of the Gdańsk Shipyard. What’s more, the installation can raise its capacity so as to keep up with the expansion expected in the long term due to the great potential of wind energy in Baltic countries. Interestingly, the Gdańsk Shipyard has the biggest factory hall in Middle Europe. 

Thanks to the location, the factory will easily deliver the prefabricated towers by land and sea, it has already signed contracts with Baltic and Scandinavian states. The shipyard is bound to work at full steam in 2013, so far it has been commissioned by market leaders such as Nordex and Siemens. It provides 1700 green jobs, but on account of the growing demand it is envisaged that 300 new workplaces will be created. 

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