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RUSZ – Reperatur- und Service-Zentrum Vienna

R.U.S.Z. developed a strategy of "product life extension by the long-term unemployed”: Long-term unemployed, older than 45 years, contribute in a future-oriented, labor-intensive service sector the life-extension of waste-related electrical equipment. This contributes not only to avoid waste, but also to conserve resources and create jobs for disadvantaged social groups. This is therefore a "Triple Dividend Project” that fully meets the criteria of sustainability.

R.U.S.Z. has triggered a massive demand for repair services. This success is partly due to the fact that many people are unsatisfied with the consequences of the throwaway society. They now have a chance to use cherished commodities longer. This development reflects a new environmental ethos created by the debate on sustainability by Agenda 21. The Waste prevention performance by R.U.S.Z. together with the 1999 founded ReparaturNetwerk Wien (Repair Network Vienna) is around 2,000 tons per year. The strategy of "full service for longevity" includes not only the repair of customer equipment, but also of those electrical appliances that have already arrived at the Vienna waste dumps which are fully operational after repairing them. The macro-economic benefits are also quantified; people who where dependent on financial aid from the state are now active taxpayers. Further, labour as well as revenue stays within the domestic economy which means that the value remains in Austria and not for example in East and Southeast Asia, where the automated, resource-intensive production of new equipment mainly takes place.

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