Industry  |  Publications  |  04.05.2012

Going Green: Chemicals - fields of action for a resource-efficient chemical industry

The chemical industry is important for European economies. For many, however, the chemical industry is also associated with environmental pollution, high risks and greenhouse gas emissions. This publication by Uwe Lahl and Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl for the Heinrich Boell Foundation looks at the potential of greening the chemical industry so that it can constitute an answer to environmental and climate issues, rather than a problem.

This study starts from the premises that we need the chemical industry’s innovative power to solve the major problems of our time, including climate change and the resource crisis. Chemical products, for instance, help insulate buildings, generate solar power and build cleaner cars.

The publication "Going Green: Chemicals" describes the changes needed in the chemical industry in Germany and the European Union in order to meet environmental and climate protection targets while, at the same time, remaining competitive.

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