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Raw Materials Trade between EU and Latin America

The Brussels office of the Henrich Boell Foundation is organizing a lunch debate on trade in raw materials between the EU and Latin America. Next spring the Plenary of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat), held in Santiago de Chile, will havethe issue of trade in raw materials between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean on its agenda. Greens/EFAMEP Catherine Grèze, is the EP’s rapporteur on the issue. 

EVENT: Lunch Debate

DATE: 12 October 2011

PLACE: Brussels (exact location will be confirmed after the registration)

LANGUAGE: English and Spanish with simultaneous translation 

The exploitation of raw materials in Latin America has shaped the relation between both continents for centuries. Many Latin American countries have very high deposits of minerals that attract a lot of interest. The EU has published a Raw Materials Initiative in February 2011, which gives testimony of the ever increasing interest of the EU in raw materials for its industry. Furthermore the raw materials trade it is of great interest for the economic development of several Latin American countries. On top of this, the current financial crisis motivates a flight into gold, which translates into an increasingly difficult and dangerous exploitation of this metal. 

Will the Euro-Latin American Resolution on Trade of Natural Resources between LA and the EU lead to innovative concepts for mining and land use whilst contributing to a fair redistribution of wealth? What is the role of bi- and multilateral trade agreements in this context? What about innovative concepts, such as recycling, and, on the other hand, non-exploiting project as the case of Yasuni-ITT in Ecuador?


  • Javier Diez Canseco, Member of the Peruvian Congress, Alliance Gana Perú 
  • Catherine Grèze, MEP Greens/EFA Group
  • Gaspar Frontini, Head of Unit, Trade Relations Latin America, DG Trade, European Commission (tbc)

Moderator: Claude Weinber, Director Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, European Union


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