Industry is a central theme in the Green New Deal - because industry touches everything and everyone, from construction and manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and energy. Industry is vital to the global economy, but is a rapacious guzzler of natural resources. It provides jobs, security, and the goods we need and want - but often at the expense of the environment and by exploiting people. 

Low-quality disposable products clog up our landfill sites. The Green New Deal would create a modern industrial base making durable, environmentally-friendly products that can be maintained and recycled and fed back into the system.

It would reduce pollution and encourage sustainability whilst simultaneously reviving our economy, boosting employment and contributing to greater well-being. 

Sustainable industry is vital to our future economic health, it will be at the forefront of any fight against climate change and environmental degradation and any transition to a resource-efficient society.



The Green New Deal calls, amongst other things, for:

  • increased efficiency in the use of resources by industry, while boosting economic development, decent jobs and improving quality of life; 
  • incentives, including state aid, to promote sustainable industrial practices, while phasing out aid to unsustainable processes; 
  • public procurement to be used as a powerful instrument for stimulating innovation and driving markets toward sustainable products and services;
  • pursuing active energy savings policies and diversification towards sustainable, non-polluting and safe energy sources in major industrial sectors such as transport and construction.