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Towards sustainable and fair pensions

This policy paper sums up the main policy priorities of the European Green Party regarding the pensions. Currently, pension systems are under threat in most European countries. Public pension schemes are considered mainly as a burden on public finances, rather than as a key element of the solution to the demographic and economic challenges ahead.

In this context, the Greens want to put forward their vision for a pension for the future. The Greens believe there is a clear need to develop systems that are socially just and financially sustainable, taking into account the variety of individual trajectories. A Green vision for pension systems implies a broad understanding of sustainability; a balance should be found between needs for financial sustainability and demand of intergenerational justice. The pension entitlements should guarantee human dignity and autonomy for all. By ensuring a decent income for older people, pension systems are an essential element of solidarity in society.

The Greens advocate changes to pension systems throughout Europe, which follow several common goals. However, pension systems being very different from one country to another, we develop broad principles, which should be translated into specific measures corresponding to national situations. The EGP goals and principles are:

1. Building inclusive and fair pension systems

2. Adopting a life-cycle approach

3. Reinvesting in public and collective schemes

4. Financing the system through innovative measures

5. Ensuring transparency and simplicity of the systems

6. Toward an EU approach to pensions

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