Green economy  |  Successes  |  16.11.2012

Zumbara: Time Banking in Turkey

Time banks are a recurrent phenomenon in the transition movement. The Zumbara initiative in Turkey has already concentrated 2,000 supporters and keeps on growing.

Zumbara is an innovative social network where time is used as a currency instead of money. The basic principle is simple: "Help someone for 1 hour. Earn 1 hour in exchange. Throw it in to your piggy bank. With this 1 hour earned, you can receive 1 hour of whichever service you want from the person you select in the community. Value yourself and your time!"

The mission of the initiative is to create relationships, reciprocity, and trust between persons by using the Time Banking System. The general intention is to foster a social change that promotes more humanistic and participatory values.

As of today, Zumbara has created a community of almost 2,000 people and over 900 different services have been offered and demanded.

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