Green economy  |  Successes  |  19.04.2012

Dutch animation video about Green solutions for the eurocrisis

The following animation video of the Dutch delegation of the Greens in the European Parliament shows Green solutions for the ongoing eurocrisis. In the video, a clear vision for the European integration project is presented that goes beyond economic calculations.

The video is divided into two parts: One dealing with short-term solutions, and one dealing with long-term solutions for the eurocrisis. Particularly in the latter part of the video, the Dutch delegation of the Greens presents its vision for the future of the European Union. It is highlighted that solving the eurocrisis is not only about saving money, but also about constructing such a clear vision for the European integration project.

The Dutch Greens choose for deeper European integration combined with more economic regulation, serious investments in the development of a green and innovative economy, and better democratic control. Of course, this vision matches well with the Green New Deal that is embraced by Green parties throughout Europe.


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