Green economy  |  Successes  |  29.06.2011


Unlike in traditional stock exchanges, the values traded at Ruhrdax are free services from businesses for non-profit organizations. Representatives from some 60 companies and about 100 non-profit organizations participate.

The idea is simple: entrepreneurs of various industries, who have an interest in civic engagement, offer annually their services to representatives of charitable organizations and associations that are looking for professional support. Both sides negotiate for one and a half hours and make agreements concluded in contracts. With an estimated value of 146,000 Euros in 2010, earnings for the year 2009 were exceeded. In the year 2008 84 agreements that had converted a total estimated value of 127,000 Euros were made in Recklinghausen. 2007, there were even 120 contracts worth of 152,000 Euros and 2006 in Essen, 100 contracts of around 200,000 Euros were implemented.

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