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Lånegarderoben - Clothes Library in Stockholm

The Lånegarderoben is a library for borrowing clothes based in a suburb of Stockholm. The idea is to cut down on textile waste by giving people access to a wide range of clothes, which they can borrow instead of buy.

Established in 2010 the Lånegarderoben already has around 130 members and a collection of approximately 2000 items. Membership costs SEK 400 for six months, and members are able to borrow up to three items for up to three weeks. The average Swede buys 24 kilos of textiles each year, and throws away 8 kg on average. The aim of the Lånegarderoben is cut consumption, and hence cut waste. It gives members access to a far wider range of clothes than they would otherwise have, and enables them to keep up with the latest fashions. This reduces the demand for new clothes and the environmental impact of the textile industry. As well as catering for adults who are interested in fashion, clothes libraries have a great potential to save many tonnes from the textiles which go into making children’s clothes, considering how quickly children outgrow their clothes.

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