Green economy  |  Successes  |  22.06.2012

Eole Water: From wind to water

Many people around the world have to live without access to clean drinking water these days. Eole Water has found an innovative solution to tackle the water crisis: a wind turbine that turns condensed air into drinking water.

The idea goes back to the late 1990s, when Marc Parent started collecting water produced by an air conditioning unit for his own needs during his stay in the Caribbean. Gradually, this led to the design of a wind turbine that can produce both electricity and clean drinking water. In 2004, Parent founded his company that is known as Eole Water nowadays. 

Starting in France, the company is now active in Abu Dhabi as well, and its ambitions reach still further than that. Today, Eole Water has developed the world's first wind turbine able to produce 1000 liters of water a day from air condensation, providing better hope for a future with more people having access to clean water, more respect for the environment, more support for local economic development, and the world-wide sharing of green technological knowledge and skills.

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