Green economy  |  Successes  |  11.05.2011


On March 29th 2008, Brent Schulkin coordinated the first Carrotmob campaign. He went to 23 convenience stores in San Francisco and identified the store willing to make the strongest environmental improvements in exchange for a large number of new customers coming and spending money.

Carrotmob was born when hundreds of people came to the store at the same time to buy anything they wanted. The "mob" more than tripled the store's daily revenue in a few hours, and that revenue is how the store financed an energy efficiency retrofit of their lighting system. Carrotmob is uniquely effective at changing the business world because of the alignment created between businesses, community organizers, and ordinary people in the community. Businesses are usually reluctant to "do good" because doing so usually costs money, but they are happy to do good if they can make money in the process.

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