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Bio in Bielefeld – A ecological shopping guide

Despite the economic crisis the organic market continues to grow in Bielefeld. The supply of organic fruit at discount stores has increased and the product line at the fair-bio T-Shirt shop has further expanded. However, the daily purchasing decisions have not necessarily become easier for customers.

The awareness of the environmental cost of food imported from afar has increased but the effects of regional greenhouse products or cooled and frozen goods are underrepresented in the debate. If one also pays attention to social conditions and thinks about the enormous waste of resources it seems to be difficult to find products. This guide provides answers to abovementioned challenges. It reveals exactly what to purchase and where the products are available in Bielefeld.

In this issue the section of where to buy organic food is upgraded. As in the first edition, it is also described how organic products differ from conventional counterparts. In addition, the non-food sector is also a topic in the brochure as it gives information and lists local addresses of thrift stores or nurseries. Quality products rather than cheap goods, repair and reuse instead of throw-away mentality, species-appropriate agriculture instead of farming and agricultural industry.

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